Dan McMenamin and Associates, Inc. offers expert consultation and training services in all aspects of telecommunications power and equipment design to the international telecommunications community. All of our people are career telecom network professionals who come to your facility with your interests at heart.

Reliability is as robust or as weak as the integrity of the many systems in your network, the power that supplies them and the grounding that protects your people and your investment in network equipment. Telecom markets have seen huge increases in power density from growth in cellular markets and the proliferation of DSL services in traditional wire line companies. Potential failures lurk in many equipment buildings and shelters due to under-capacity or a lack of design, installation and maintenance standards or instances where existing standards were circumvented. The network is like a pipeline and in many ways your revenue streams flow through that pipe. Even a short-duration failure can cost you a very uncool million. Worse, a major failure tarnishes you hard-earned reputation and customers migrate to your competition. With Local Number Portability coming into play, it's very easy for customers to bolt. At the end of the day, you want to be the company they're running to, not from.

Dan McMenamin and Associates, Inc. is the consulting company to go to when you want to make sure yours is the company they are running to!